1. What is is an online gift shop established and operated by caring mothers, renowned professionals with global experience, and successful businessmen in customer care industry. Our goal is to give you value for money by providing better product quality and better customer service at a lower price than our competitors. 
We offer you two-way service: We take your gifts to your relatives and friends and bring their gifts to you. Our motto is to provide prompt, professional and personalized service to our customers, so you can stay connected with your relatives and friends without hassles. Our products come from reputed producers and suppliers to ensure that you get the best product for the price you are willing to pay.


2. How can I order?

You can order goods and services by visiting our website and placing your order through You need to register or sign in as guest to place the order and pay through a credit, debit card through paypal or paypal account. 

3. What are the payment options?

You can pay for the order through such credit cards as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, which are all accepted by PAYPAL. Paypal is a secure payment gateway, hence that is what we use.


4. What currencies can I pay with for my order?

When paying through Paypal, it will convert all currencies to US Dollar no matter what currency your bank account holds. Hence, all currencies are accepted.


5. Is it safe to pay through a credit card?

In our case, your credit card or bank account will be associated with Paypal or paid through paypal. It will act as te middle person between you and our company when making the payment. This way your privacy is protected because paypal protects your information and will not provide it to anyone, not even to us. So don't worry and shop securely.


6. Where can I place my order?

You can place your order through from any country throughout the world. 


7. Is my personal information safe with

Absolutely. As mentioned before, we will not have any access to your payment information. We will only have your personal information suc as name, number, address, etc. We do not share your personal information with anyone else.

8. What items can I order?

You can order any item from the product categories. You can also order items that are not in our product categories by suggesting to us what you're looking for. We'll be glad to be of your service.


9. From which countries can I order?

You can order from any country around the world. 


10. Can I order items other than given in your product list?

Yes indeed you can. If you want to order something that is not already on the product list of, we will deliver it as per your advice. The price of the goods and relevant packaging and delivery charges will be calculated based on the shipping destination.


11. How many days in advance do I need to order for delivery on the day I choose?

If you order at least 24 hours in advance, we will deliver the gifts on the day and time as instructed by you. Generally, we deliver within 24 hours if we receive the order on working day (inside Kathmandu). Outside Kathmandu, we deliver within 48-72 hours from confirmation of order.


12. Do you have any special deals for big festivals?

Yes, we do. We announce sales and special discounts for big festivals on the website. Due to high volume of delivery on the eve of big festivals, we request you to place your order as soon as possible so we can deliver your items on the day you want us to.


13. Can I revise my order?

Call or Email us for any concerns. But you can cancel the existing order and place a new order. If you cancel your order 48 hours prior to the delivery time for when it has been specified and 3 working days when such date has not been specified, you can get back 85 percent of the payment you have made. The 15 percent deduction from your payment is to cover the cost of commission the payment portals like PayPal charge us and of handling.


14. How can I change the order once it has been placed?

Email us or call us and we'll work with you on that.


15. Is there any delivery charge?

Yes, usually delivery charges apply. On occasions, however, we might waive delivery charge. 


16. Is there any packing charge?

No, there will be no extra packaging charge. We usually deliver in our biodegradable bags and baskets. If you have special packaging request, please feel free to contact us.


17. How long does it take to deliver in Kathmandu?

On the day and time if the order has been placed before two working days. Any order will be delivered within 24-48 hours unless specified otherwise.


18. How long does it take to deliver outside Kathmandu?

It varies from place to place. In towns and cities with good road connection, we usually deliver your gifts within 48-72 hours.


19. To which other countries do you deliver outside Nepal?

We will deliver anywere around the world. Please email us prior to placing an order outside of Nepal as sometimes, some products are not allowed in certain countries. Food and Perishable items will not be delivered outside Kathmandu.


20. How can I track the delivery?

We are committed to delivering the ordered items on the specified date, if any and as soon as possible when such date is not indicated at the time of order. We will inform you about the delivery or send you a picture evidence of it as soon as your order has been delivered. You will receive a confirmation of your sale receipt as well as picture evidence of the delivery for inside Kathmandu. For outside Kathmandu, you will receive an email confirming when the product has left and received by the receipient. Feel free to contact us if there is any problems.


21. How long does it take for delivery?

Unless prevented by situations beyond our control, we are committed to delivering on your order within the same or the next working day inside the ring road in the Kathmandu Valley. Delivery to addresses outside the Kathmandu Valley may take longer and we will keep you posted about it (48-72 Hours usually). 


22. What is the return policy?

You can return the item you have purchased from us if there is any defect in it or you do not want to keep it for some other reason. You will get full refund on the purchase of perishable items (food, flowers and other items of short shelf life) only if they have a defect; you should show the defect to the delivery man/woman and return the item with him/her for a full refund. In case of non-perishable items, you can return them within three working days from the delivery date and get 85 per cent of the purchase price refunded to you. However, service and shipping charges will not be refunded unless the item has a defect and is rejected at the time of delivery. will not be responsible for the production and manufacturing defects or for the damages to be covered by the producer or manufacturer's warranty. You should file claims for such defects or damages with the producer or manufacturer themselves.

23. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order. If you cancel your order 48 hours before the delivery date, we will refund your money after deducting 15 per cent of the item's price to cover the cost of handling and of commission charged by the payment portal.


24. Who pays the cost of packaging and delivery of the returned goods?

No packaging charges apply if the item is delivered as supplied by the producer or manufacturer. The cost of packaging will be added to the price if needs to make new packaging before delivery to ensure the safety and quality of the item to be delivered. The delivery cost will be covered in the Kathmandu and Lalitpur metropolitan areas by the fee we charge at the time of your purchase. Outside those areas, additional delivery charges will apply depending on location, distance, and mode of transportation used for delivery, and we will inform you about such charges soon after you place an order.


25. Do you have a membership policy?

No, but we have coupon discount offer, which we randomly send to customers on thier email address. You can also request for one if you wish by emailing us and providing us your email details.


26. Where can I contact you?

You can reach us at the following:

Mailing Address: New Baneshwore, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone Numbers:
Nepal: 977-9803506692

Ranjeet Poddar:-9851046794

Email Address: or

27. Where can I make my suggestions or complaints?
You can send us your thoughts through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which can be found on our home page. You may also call us on any of the numbers given above or email Our customer-friendly team will always be on hand to serve you, to answer your questions, to listen to your suggestions and to resolve any issue regarding our service.

Note: These provisions can be changed from time to time as necessary to serve you better and to meet legal requirements. Please check this website from time to time for the latest updates here.